Creating content that's Queen

The King and Queen


We merge storytelling with content marketing because we believe stories are key to the success of a business. Content that lacks a clear message won’t help you build a community. Just like a king & queen complement each other, story & content do so too. Our goal is to connect your audience with your brand, through content that conveys inspiring stories.

We tell it, you sell it!

We share your story, so you can
focus on your core business

Getting to know your story; the King

Your story rules! A brand story is central to communicating the brand’s purpose. Consequently, your unique brand story is key to the success of your core business. And your customers connect with your business when they identify with your story. We create opportunities where your people can hear about your story. Your story is king, and a great king needs a great queen. Likewise, your story needs great content – content that’s queen. And in order to create content that’s queen, we make sure we have a good profile of your king! Hence we want to get to know everything about your king, your kingdom, your people, your purpose and your identity to get the story straight!

Connecting people with brands

We create high-quality content that conveys your brand story and inspires your people

Creating content that’s Queen

After we’ve got your story straight, we’ll set up a tailor-made content strategy for your business. As content creators, we contribute and distribute information to relevant offline and online media, targeting your specific audience. Above all, we create content that conveys your brand story and inspires your audience, using the right channels. Inspirational content that drives customer engagement and increases web traffic.

Our services include writing inspiring copy, building powerful social media profiles, and even organizing events. In short, if you have problems reaching your audiences and delivering the right content; we can help you!


Your business story is unique, and key to your success. Let’s meet up so you can tell us about your brand’s story and purpose.


After we’ve got your story straight, we’ll design a content strategy that builds your online brand presence and connects your business with your customers.


We create content your people love. We select the right channels to tell your story and inspire your audience by making engaging content.

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