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Services: Copywriting | Content Marketing

What we did: For this client, we designed and implemented a strategy for creating and maintaining informative and engaging content. This included writing copy for their website and developing a content marketing strategy for their new product ‘Financial Rest’ (Financiële Rust). We developed new brand messaging and all supporting content. In addition, we created product activation materials such as brochures and infographics that inform their clients about the financial products in a clear yet concise way.

About: GosselingGrootHendriks is an independent financial advisory firm in Enschede, providing mortgages and offering financial advice. It has a great reputation locally and receives excellent reviews from its clients. The advisors help you to develop a long-term investment planning and strategy that help you fulfill your personal (financial) goals and needs, whether this is a mortgage, investments, financial or retirement planning, or advice on insurances.

Content Marketing strategy for Gosseling Groot Hendriks
Gosseling Groot Hendriks
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