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What we did: We developed and provided a workshop that helped Rabobank create a process to engage employees in social media and build a team of ‘brand advocates’. Employee engagement strengthens your brand, as employees know your customers very well and create content that’s authentic and personal. Rabobank wanted to encourage its staff to increase their online presence. Our training equipped them with the right skills to use social media properly and effectively. They learned how to create great content that connects their online following to their organization. As a result, they knew how to make the most out of their online social networking efforts.

The social media training included:

About: Rabobank is among the world’s 25 largest financial institutions, founded upon cooperative principles: knowledge-driven, customer-focused, and backed by a top rating. They strive to strengthen the customer and the environment, calling it ‘Growing a better world together’. Hence, the local Rabobank branches are very community-focused and organize a large variety of local activities to strengthen society.

Social media training for Rabobank

A more active social media presence will increase brand awareness. We can develop a tailor-made social media training for your company that turns your employees into a team of ‘brand advocates’. Contact us to get more information about the possibilities.

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