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Need someone who manages the communication and spread of information between you and the public? We can be your outsourced communication department or interim consultant, designing and implementing corporate communication and PR strategies.

First, we evaluate and optimize communications processes and set up a corporate communication strategy. We maintain and build your corporate identity in such a way that it facilitates your business objectives. Next, we’ll be your hands-on partner in content marketing, PR and communication and corporate branding activities such as events.


Corporate communication is one of the best methods of building long-term corporate identity. A consistent corporate communication strategy, along with advertising and PR campaigns, reinforces a positive image about your company. Our Corporate communications services deal with all internal and external communications. The purpose is to develop, cultivate and maintain a positive corporate identity or brand image, and to create favourable point of view among stakeholders.

We can also design an effective PR strategy that drives a positive reputation and generates publicity for our client by enhancing their reputation and building their brand. This includes writing press releases and positively managing the communication channels between a company and its stakeholders, keeping a consistent voice for all external communication. We build engaging relationships with your audience, design communication campaigns, write news releases and other content, manage your reputation, and market activities like brand awareness and event management.

Communication advisor a.i.

marQom PR Communication professional Marjolein Gosseling Kooi
Marjolein Gosseling-Kooi
owner marQom

Marjolein worked as an interim communication advisor for Brandweer Twente (Twente Fire Brigade) for two years. She provided communication services including designing communication strategies, social media management, content creation, video production and web development.

Are you’re looking for an interim PR & communication consultant, or someone who optimizes your corporate communication process? We’d be happy to work for you. Contact us and we’ll get back to you right away!

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